Monday, April 13, 2015

You May Be From Yerington In the 50’s-70’s If…. (Part One)

You May Be From Yerington In the 50’s-70’s If…. (Part One)
(Compiled by Mary Burns and Chere Brown)

...You wait to plant your “toms” ‘till after the snow melts off Pevine. (I’m loving all the southern Californian gardeners out today - we’ll have another freeze - guaranteed) (MB)


...You know what a Lion’s Club Manure Haul is (was?)  (Lions club manure clean up for the fair. They haul the previous days straw and manure away to keep the fair clean.) (MB)

...You remember school sports and activities were the town’s rallying hub. (MB)

...You called in sick at school on Friday - then went to a home game.  The principal would remember you were out that day - and send you home. And on that day, you did call in sick, ”Ma” Ricketts, the schools secretary, would call your home later to check. (Did she check on teachers, too?) (MB)

...You would say you worked on “the hill” and there were no questions. (Reminds me - Dorthelia Hill, a bunch of years ago, told me her son worked on “the hill” - and when I asked her how long he’d been back home - she choked and said she meant Capitol Hill in D.C.) (MB)



...You can remember when we had one TV station. - Bob Carroll, Betty “a nip here and a tuck there” McIntyre, Stroddard, Muncie. (“We were the last family to get TV.” MB) And it would sign off at midnight with the “Star Spangle Banner”. (CB)




...You remember the only radio stations were KOH (Catus Tom) and KVLV (Eddie Pearce - Teensville, and Ted Romero, and Gallagher’s Livestock and The Trading Post) (MB)

...You remember when all drivers stopped at the crosswalk in front of the Thrifty Market and the Post Office, whether there were pedestrians or not, just to scope out all the sidewalk happenings.  And you actually enjoyed daily trips to the Post Office. (MB)


  1. You are making me homesick for days gone by.

  2. Mason Valley Hardware was the first to start selling televisions sets when Yerington finally got TV service. Bill Vincel placed a TV in the big front window of his store set to the one channel we had, and people would stop on the sidewalk and look through the window at it. No sound, but what the Heck? If the picture attracted you and you purchased a TV, you got sound at no extra charge.



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