Wednesday, April 15, 2015

You’ve Stood the Test of Time

You’ve Stood the Test of Time


Today, my Aunt Connie is going on the Honor Flight to Washington D.C. with the vets to see the WWII veterans memorial and other sites.  This is a program put on by the University of Nevada.  It is completely paid for by volunteers.  Someone from Aunt Connie's church will be her chaperone.  My aunt, Carol Conrad McGee, was a WWII navy nurse.  She is now 94 years old.  This will be a challenging trip for her, but has a sweet determination to go.  

On her trip, they’re going to have a “mail call” on the flight, just like when these Vets were in the service. They’re encouraging friends/family to write them a letter and they will surprise the Vets with this, so it’s a secret. This is my letter to her.

April 9, 2015
Fort Worth TX

Dear Aunt Connie,
I hear you are on your way to our nation's capital to see the WWII veterans memorial and wanted to let you know how honored I am to have you representing our WWII veterans. I also want to thank you for your service to our country during that terrible war.  I’m sure this trip will bring back a flood of memories.  I am including in this letter some photos of that time that I took while visiting you.  They ought to jog your memory banks a little as well.

I am also grateful that you were in the armed forces at that time because that is where you met and married my uncle, Jack, who was also a pilot in the Navy, and became an official member of the McGee clan.

You’ve stood the test of time
through war you nursed the wounded
and your cheerful countenance
made your patients spirits climb.

You’ve stood the test of time
through marriage and motherhood
and you never complained
when you were down to your last dime.

You’ve stood the test of time
through trials and tribulations
without any standing ovations
your endurance was prime.

You’ve stood the test of time
serving your Lord in meekness and humility
And I can almost hear Him saying
“Well done, Carol, your service to me is sublime.”

It is my prayer this will be a wonderful trip for you, and look forward to hearing all about it when you get home.

Your Loving Niece,

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