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Nevada Trip Journal: Monday 16, 2015 Lake Tahoe to Yerington

Nevada Trip Journal:  Monday 16, 2015 Lake Tahoe to Yerington

Left Lake Tahoe after 1 pm.  Drove down the grade to Carson City.  I took the route through Gardnerville, Smith Valley and then on to Yerington.  The roads were still a little icy in places.  I was glad to see that the Walker River in Wilson Canyon had some water in it after the drought, even though it looks like a small stream instead of a roaring river now.

View of Carson Valley from the grade.

In Smith Valley, I stopped by Beverly Brown’s old 5 acre farm.  Beverly was my daughter Shannon’s grandmother.  We spent many a pleasant visit on this little farm over the years. I have been trying to find out about Beverly ever since my daughter died in 2009.  That was the last time I talked with her.  I have tried to find out about her on visits home but to no avail.  I do not know if she is in a nursing home or dead.  I am really heartbroken that I cannot find out.  If anyone reading this posts knows anything about her, please let me know.  I would be eternally grateful.

The barn and out buildings on Beverly Brown’s farm on River Street in Smith, Valley.

From Smith Valley, after Wilson Canyon, I took the long route to Yerington through the farm lands of Mason Valley.  It is such a beautiful valley.  Finally at dusk I reach my motel.  Staying at the Copper Inn all week.

This is my room at the Copper Inn - Room 8.  If you cannot make it on Friday to the Facebook Meetup and want to stop by the motel, I am giving you an open invitation. Room 8 in in the back.

Decided to check out the new Pioneer Crossing Casino.  Had a good french dip sandwich and on my way out decided to play some penny slots.  I was thinking maybe I can win enough to pay for my dinner which was $10 with tip.  After ten minutes of playing I won $70.  Yahoo!  Thank you Pioneer Crossing.

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