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Nevada Trip Journal: November 22-Dec 12, 2015 (Part 7)

Nevada Trip Journal: November 22-Dec 12, 2015 (Part 7)

Dec 12, 2015  Flight Home Reno, NV to Phoenix, AZ to Fort Worth, TX

Dan and Robin dropped me off at the Reno/Tahoe International Airport at 7am.  Once again I had to wear oxygen all the way down Mt Rose Highway but it paid off and I had no angina.  One again Dan and Robin were perfect hosts and made sure all my needs were taken care.  It has been a few years since I was able to visit them for Thanksgiving.  I am so grateful for our time together and for the Yerington visit and Facebook meetups. Overall a very rewarding trip despite my monster cold which lasted most of this trip.


Waiting for take off at RNO on American Airlines.  This flight was not too full.

A snow top air view of the Sierra’s as we leave RNO airport from my plane.

Thank God, I made my connection at the Phoenix Airport without a hitch.  Going to Nevada, I missed my connection and had to spend an extra four hours in PHX waiting for another flight out.

Arrived at destination at the DFW Airport safe and sound but very stiff legged.


Caught the Super Shuttle home.  Spent almost an hour going from terminal to terminal picking up other passengers.  Finally left DFW airport when the driver could not stuff another passenger in - eight total.  Not what one wants to do after a long trip.  Did meet a young girl from Finland and had an interesting conversation, so not a complete waste of my time.

Back home at the Primavera Apartments in Fort Worth around 7 pm.

Not having any groceries, I decided to treat myself to a prime rib dinner at Charleston’s Steakhouse

Charleston’s Prime Rib dinner was perfect accompanied by Christmas music.  Loved it.

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