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Nevada Trip Journal: November, Friday 20, 2015 Yerington, NV

Nevada Trip Journal:  November, Friday 20, 2015 Yerington, NV

Today is Yerington Facebook Meetup


To accommodate everyone's schedules and since I am diabetic and need to eat at regular times, I have decided to spread this MeetUp over the entire day.  Hopeful this will make it possible for more of my Facebook friends to gather together so I can get to know you better.  Here is the tentative schedule.  Please let me know if this will work for y’all.  And pray we don’t get snowed out.  If none of these work, I will be staying at the Copper Inn (Mon-Fri). Just drop by and say “Hi”.

8am-11am Dini’s Lucky Club

12pm-2pm   YTA Café at the Center

All three meetups were small, but altogether enjoyable.  It gave me/us more time to get to know each other and have more one-on-one time.  Only problem was that I came down with a terrible cold and probably infected everyone I came in contact with.  My apologies Facebook Meetup friends.

Linda Edwards and Charlene Marc

Dini’s Lucky Club Meetup

I can’t say enough about Linda Carey Edwards.  She was my partner in crime through this whole Facebook Meetup adventure.  We attended class together from 1st to 12th grade.  She is truly a “first friend”.  She attended every meetup on Friday.  We spent time and meals together everyday I was in Yerington at her expense.  May the Lord bless her for her generosity towards me.

I had not seen Charlene Marc since she graduated a year ahead of me in 1965.  It was wonderful catching up on her life.  I was so glad she popped in.

Chuck Grooms and Leanna Ogle

Dini’s Lucky Club Meetup

Chuck came all the way from Floriston, California which is a small town on the Nevada-California border. He is the brother of one of my classmates of YHS 1966 graduation class, Sharon Grooms.  As kids we lived just a block from each other.  Leanna is a multi-gifted lady who has had several careers in her short life.  Currently she is working at the South Lyon Health Center as a RN.  Before that she was a teacher and a firefighter.  Anyone who has read her posts knows she is also a gifted writer as well.  I believe she will be a guest writer for Yerington Mondays soon.

I really enjoyed my visit with Chuck and Leanna. I also appreciate their sacrifice.  Chuck having drove so far for such an early morning meetup and Leanna had just come off a 12 hour shift at the hospital.

YTA Cafe Meetup

We had our little meetup behind those black curtains.  In attendance were Linda Edwards, Chuck Grooms, Nikki Newell Bryan and myself.  We took a tour of the theater where Hila Plitmann (Eric Whitacre’s wife), world renowned opera singer, will be performing on Dec.23. Oh, how I wish I could be there, but unfortunately I return to Fort Worth on Dec 12.

Really enjoyed getting to know Nikki.  Another amazing friend on Facebook.  She has worked for Lyon County since 1988 and has been in the elected position of Clerk/Treasurer  for Lyon County since January 1999.  I love Nikki’s posts and I am so glad we are friends. She bought us lunch.  Thanks Nikki.  

Unfortunately, I began to feel sick with a fever while here and did not realize at the time that I was coming down with the cold from hell.  I hope Nikki, Linda or Chuck did not catch it.

Tailgaters Meetup

Karen and James Bull joined us at Tailgaters for Dinner.  They are self employed in the broadcasting equipment business.  James is from Fort Smith Arkansas.

I was feeling terrible by the Tailgate Meetup, but enjoyed visiting with this lovely couple.  Hope you did not get my cold, Kanen and Jim.

Dennis and Leah Compston

Tailgaters Meetup

Towards the end of the meet up, Dennis and Leah Compston came in with the Volunteer Fire Dept group.  They were seated at the table right next to ours so Leah and I were able to visit and kill the proverbial “two birds with one stone”.  Wish we could have had more time but over all it was a pleasant if not short visit. I believe Dennis and Leah are cousins to Robin Barnett, my sister in law.

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