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Nevada Trip Journal: November, Thursday 19, 2015 Yerington, NV

Nevada Trip Journal:  November, Thursday 19, 2015 Yerington, NV

Attended a South Lyon Hospital auxiliary luncheon at the Catholic Recreational Center at noon.  My mother, Clara Barnett, was always appreciated of the auxiliary when she was hospital administrator and was honored for the invitation.  They run blood drives and raise funds for equipment for the hospital that are not in the budget.

My host, Gail Kendall, introduced me to many people including some retired teachers who had taught my sister, Lexie, and my brother, David.

Center piece at our table.  A turkey made out of fruit and vegetables.

Head table.  Reading of the minutes

Senior dance group was our entertainment.  The senior can really move.  I enjoyed their performance.

Drove my our old home at 111 West Street.  It looks a lot better now than when we lived in it, as it has been remodeled and landscaped.

Went to the Lyon County Museum which is only open on Thursdays & Fridays between 1-4 pm after I left the luncheon.

Went to the Lyon County Museum which is only open on Thursdays & Fridays between 1-4pm after I left the luncheon. After exploring the Fire Dept & Dr. Mary Exhibits, I was spent.  Spent the rest of my time in an antique rocking chair visiting with these two lovely ladies.  Pat Harper and Linda LaPierre are volunteers. I feel like I have made a couple of new friends.  Linda is quite a historian so you know I had to pick her brain.  Pat is the cashier and a lot of fun.  Will definitely go back the next time I am in Yerington.

In the Fire Dept Barn

In the Fire Dept Barn

Old ambulance in the Fire Dept Barn


Tomorrow is Yerington Facebook Meetup

I am looking forward to seeing many of my Facebook friends at the various Facebook Meetup places tomorrow.


To accommodate everyone's schedules and since I am diabetic and need to eat at regular times, I have decided to spread this MeetUp over the entire day.  Hopeful this will make it possible for more of my Facebook friends to gather together so I can get to know you better.  Here is the tentative schedule.  Please let me know if this will work for y’all.  And pray we don’t get snowed out.  If none of these work, I will be staying at the Copper Inn (Mon-Fri). Just drop by and say “Hi”.

8 am-11 am Dini’s Lucky Club

12 pm-2 pm   YTA Café at the Center

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