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Nevada Trip Journal November, Saturday 21, 2015 Yerington to Lake Tahoe

Nevada Trip Journal November, Saturday 21, 2015 Yerington to Lake Tahoe

Karen Dodd and myself at Dini’s

Had an 8:30 breakfast with Karen Dodd before checking out of the Copper Inn Motel.  Karen is another fascinating person who lived part of her life on a sailboat with her husband and is an seasoned scuba diver.  We were high school classmates as well.  I really enjoyed getting reconnected despite the fact that my cold was increasing in intensity.

Mary Burns at her home in Gardnerville.  Mary “Bunz” Burns is a real Nevada history buff.  We visited in her “Nevada” family room.  She was generous enough to lend me 64 old magazine on Nevada hoping it would help on my Yerington Monday posts.  I was suppose to meet with her in Gardnerville at 11 am, but I was so weak from my cold it took me an hour and a half to load my car.  Arrived around 1:30 pm.  Was glad to hear that she would be retiring as of Dec 26 and take to traveling the back roads.  She has been an x-ray technician for over 30 years specializing in mammograms. Mary is a “first friend” who I gave a blood nose when we were about 8-9 years old, but she had such a great sense of humor, we remained friends after our very short Mighty Might boxing match.

Gardnerville to Lake Tahoe is only 40 miles but I had to stop twice because I was feeling drowsy from cold medicine.  This is a cloud I saw during one stop.  Pyramid Cloud between Gardnerville and Carson City.  What does it mean?

Finally, I  arrived at Dan’ & Robin’s home in Incline Village, Nevada.  I was totally spent and glad to be able to turn into a safe harbor.

Dan’s Birthday Party

Dan had a birthday party at his home in Incline Village with his backing packing friends from Carson City. They have all been backpacking together since the 70’s.  It was a make your-own-pizza party that was then barbecued on Dan’s Cadillac  grill.  I didn't know any of them except Dennis & Deirdre Pederson

Dennis Pederson rolling out dough for his pizza.

Dan cooking pizza crusts for pizzas on his grill on the deck.

The party guests on deck waiting for their pizza crusts.

Birthday boy (Happy 66), Dan, with dinner guests.

Dan modeling Dennis Pederson's gift - - a Santa loin cloth.  (Me sitting in a comfy chair in living room -tired but amused.)

This was a picture of Dan’s hiking friends in the 1970’s.  We all laughed at the short shorts.  Dennis Pederson (left) and Dan with mustache (third from left)

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