Monday, January 11, 2016

Nevada Trip Journal November 22-Dec 12, 2015 (Part 3)

Dec 5, 2015  Henley Cousins Meetup, Lord George’s, 2nd Street, San Francisco

Spent a wonderful afternoon in San Francisco meeting up with some second cousins on the Henley side of my family.  That was my grandmother's maiden name.  Her father (my great grandfather) was an attorney, judge and legislator in Nevada.  Interestingly two of the cousins are also lawyers - Victoria Henley and David Wilbur.


Lord George Restaurant, San Francisco


Claudia Wilbur Myers, Carol Henley Meredith, David Wilbur


Robin Barnett and Victoria Henley

Robin Barnett, Victoria Henley, Claudia Wilbur Myers, Carol Henley Meredith, David Wilbur, Dan Barnett


Dan Barnett, Chere Barnett Brown, Carol Henley Meredith,  David Wilbur, Victoria Henley,  Claudia Wilbur Myers, Robin Barnett,

Carol Henley Meredith, Dan Barnett, Claudia Wilbur Myers, Victoria Henley, David Wilbur, Robin Barnett,

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