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Nevada Trip Journal: Saturday 14, 2015 Reno, NV to Incline Village, NV

Nevada Trip Journal: Saturday 14, 2015  Reno, NV to Incline Village, NV

Spanish Springs

Spent most of the day visiting with the Willey family (my niece Tanya’s family) at their lovely home in Spanish Springs.  I hated to leave but needed to get to Lake Tahoe before the snow came in on Sunday as I have no chains.  So I left about 4:15 pm and headed to Lemmon Valley to visit with my cousin, Jolene Moyer for a short time before heading up the mountain.

The Willeys, Earl, Tanya, Lexie, Laurie, and Colton.

Lemmon Valley

What I thought would be an hours visit turned into a four hour visit.  Jolene and I had a wonderful visit.  We had not seen each other in about five years so had a lot of catching up to do.  I didn’t realize what a avid reader she was and so I have added her to our Book Lovers group on Facebook.  Once again I hated to leave, but I needed to get up the mountain.  It was now dark and I do not like to drive in the dark anymore, but “a girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do”, so I departed and headed for Lake Tahoe.

Mt Rose Highway

Mt Rose Highway and I are old time enemies.  It has tried to kill me four times now.  Not because of its treacherous curves, but because of its high altitude.  The last four times I drove up the road high altitude and thin air would throw me into severe angina attacks. Mt Rose summit is  at 8,911 ft .Two years ago I was hospitalized for three days after driving up this mountain.  I was hoping my recent treatments would make a difference.  But old Mt Rose said “I’m the same road and you are in the same body, so take this.”  I had to pop three nitro in the 24 mile trip to Incline Village. I arrived at my brothers in a lot of pain and feared I may have to go to the hospital again.  Dan managed to get me and my oxygen into the house and I eventually came back to homo stapes, the pain left but I was exhausted. I am grateful that I have nothing to due tomorrow but rest and visit with Dan & Robin.

Incline Village

Dan and Robin Barnett at Lake Tahoe

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