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Nevada Trip Journal: November 22-Dec 12, 2015 (Part 6)

Nevada Trip Journal: November 22-Dec 12, 2015 (Part 6)

Dec 6-11, 2015  Mr. Long Tail at Dan and Robin Barnett’s House, Incline Village, Lake Tahoe, Nevada  

Mr.Long Tail, a squirrel that frequented Dan and Robin’s yard, and I became friends.  I first spotted him on Thanksgiving day scurrying back and forth, climbing trees and digging in the snow for food.  He had the longest tail I had ever seen on a squirrel.  Then he disappeared for several days and I feared he had gotten run over or went into hibernation.  I told Robin about my concern and she put some birdseed out on her deck to try and entice him back.  It worked!  This is Mr. Long Tail feasting on her deck.

Mr. Long Tail:  “Not quite as good as nuts, but a nice smorgasbord of seeds”

Me:  “Glad you approve”

Mr. Long Tail:  “Don’t watch me while I’m eating.  You're making me self-conscious.”

Me:  “If you could see yourself from behind, that would make you self-conscious, Mr Fatty.”

Mr. Long Tail: “Getting full.  Maybe I’ll come back later for seconds.”

Me:  “Maybe I’ll put out some more bird food.  You know any birds who haven’t flown south for the winter?  Let them know we have chow.”


Mr. Long Tail:  “Good grub, but I’m out of here.”

Me:  “See you later, alligator.”

Two days latter, two smaller squirrels were seen feeding on the same seed pile.

A poem I wrote several years ago about the squirrels in Dan and Robin’s backyard.

The Squirrels

Squirrels glide across melting snow, sliding on the icy
slush --in quite a rush.

They frolic in the winter forest’s beauty, jaunting left then
right, then up a tree and back down to the snowy forest

As I stand shivering, watching, cursing the cold. I become
ashamed that I do not delight with them in God’s chilly

by Chere L. Brown, Incline Village, NV,  December 2011

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