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Nevada Trip Journal: Sunday 15, 2015 Incline Village, NV

Nevada Trip Journal: Sunday 15, 2015  Incline Village, NV

Enjoyed a relaxing “snow day” at my brother Dan’s home in Incline Village.  I needed the rest.  This is the first snow I have seen in Nevada in several years.  I always loved the way the snow looks at Lake Tahoe,  It actually snowed in Fort Worth, TX last year. Hoping the roads are clear to drive to Yerington tomorrow.

Oh look it’s snowing! Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow.

I think I’ll just praise the Lord for the snow.  “Thank you, Jesus!”

Robin making fun of my winter attire. Dan on the inside background.  I was out on their deck taking pictures of the snow when Robin says, “You’re the picture, Chere!” and so took a few pictures of me.

The deck on the back of the house.

Snow view from the deck

Snow view of backyard

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